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The people in power don't want you to vote.

That's right. They're afraid that if enough of us participate, we might accidentally change things. This change would be better for us -- but worse for them. You see, while we continue to struggle each day, they and their friends have gotten very rich keeping things the way they are.

So they make us feel hopeless and disparate... Ever wonder how come we all think "why bother?" Why do you suppose that so many of us feel that our vote won't make any difference? Because that is what they want us to believe. It's the only way they can maintain control in a democracy.

Don't let them continue to trick you. Revolt. It doesn't have to be bloody. Participate in the simplest but most powerful revolution -- and vote.

If you're not registered, get registered. Visit your local post office and ask for a form. It takes 2 minutes to fill it out and just one postage stamp to mail it in.

Big change comes in little steps...
Get registered, discuss the issues, then vote.

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From: Vote4Democracy
To: Voting_is_Subversive
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 15:18:21

Someone passed your URL on to me. Great message! You should consider placing the links to and on your site. This is an important message and it needs to get out.

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