-- Urethane swaggers between songs with only raw acoustic guitar and songs comprised of slow grinding electronic beats and melodies. This boy-girl songwriting duo defies catagorization, their music being compared to Portishead and Mazzy Starr. URETHANE
                                         It will be dark. 
                                        Perhaps the flicker of the ruby 
                                       red LED lights. Perhaps the 
                                      faint fluorescent-blue monitor 
                                     moonlight. Just a couple of 

                                  He will bring to the table the 
                                 sounds. He has no tongue -- but 
                                he doesn't need one. Between the 
                               equipment and his fingertips, he 
                              can express the unexpressable. 
                             Primal emotions converted to sine 
                            waves...that is what he does. "It's 
                           a venting process. I pour everything 
                          into the music to get it out of my 
                         system." He knows no genres, no styles;
                        he is not limited to this or that 
                       musical instrument. He is an 
                      experimentor first and an editor 

                    She will bring to the table her voice. 
                   She knows only words, but she has a 
                  special way to wrap her lips around them.  
                 She will bleed them and she will cry 
                them. There is a poison in her, a 
               sickness and a sorrow...she will open 
              her mouth; she will fill the air with it. 
             "For me, the pain is always there. 
             Constant pain is normal for me. I cleanse,
            but it's temporary. I only want to know
           that others have felt the way I feel -- 
          even if for them it stays briefly and 
         passes." She is a bare wire, and the 
        current will crackle through her.

       Destiny? "To be in that dark room. To 
      feed a thousand people energy, to have 
     that thousand people feed you in return."

   "Yeah, we're just a dumb Phoenix 
  garage band..."

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