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Eristikös, publisher of the Exsanguinate Literary Arts Journal, welcomes submissions on any subject. Submissions can be short stories, poems, letters, or critical essays. Brief works are preferred, but submissions can be as long as roughly 1000 words. Two-dimensional art and photography are also welcomed.

To submit, you must send us a legible copy of your piece along with this submission form. Simply print this page out, fill in the blanks, sign and mail. Your submission will not be considered if you do not include this form, completed and signed. Do not sent originals as Eristikös assumes no responsiblity for any material received. You are permitted to offer up as many different pieces as you wish, but a separate form must be included for each individual piece submitted. Please print as many copies of this form as necessary. Submissions should be sent to Eristikös, PO Box 61113, Phoenix Arizona 85082.

Submissions of writing can be typed, output from a computer, or neatly hand-printed, but all should be on 8-1/2" by 11" paper with your name and the title of your piece on each sheet. We understand that while some pieces are submitted by novices and hobbyists, some are also sent in by professionals who take their craft quite seriously and personally. Regardless, please be advised that we may request that your piece be edited. It is not our intention to hamper your voice or to cramp your style. We are simply trying to achieve a certain standard in our magazine. We will make every effort to be thoughtful when editing. We assume, for example, that a misspelling may actually have been included deliberately, carrying some important hidden meaning intended by the author. Therefore, if we feel that your piece might benefit from editing -- even so much as correcting a typo -- we will discuss it with you first.

For those submitting art or photography, remember that all artwork will be reproduced in black and white so be sure your piece is legible as a grayscale. In fact, clear half-tone xeroxes are the preferred method of submitting. Also, bear in mind, that we may opt to publish close-up portions of your piece, rather than the whole itself.

Authors and artists selected for publication will be contacted in advance of printing.

Click here for a printer-friendly one-page PDF of the submission form.

1. author's full name

2. author's birthdate
3. mailing address

4. phone number (including area code)
5. email address
6. title of piece
7. pseudonym or author's name as it should appear if published
8. title of book or collection (if applicable)
9. year of copyright

I hereby certify that all of the above information is complete and accurate, that this piece is my own original work, and that I am the sole copyright owner. I understand that I am submitting it for publication consideration in the Exsanguinate Literary Arts Journal. If selected for publication, I grant Eristikös permission to print and publicly distribute copies of my piece without restriction. I understand that there will be no compensation, financial or otherwise, for publishing my piece. I also understand that if published, my name as listed above in #7 will be printed along with my piece.

10. signature

11. date

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