-- Bare Wire combines stark female vocals and sorrowful obsessive lyrics, with bass guitar and soft percussion-less backdrops. Vocalist Simone Grey has been compared to the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Dolores O'Riordan, Tori Amos, Lisa Gerrard, Jewel, Diamanda Galas and Enya.
             do you exist? no offense, but 
              there is some question. is it a matter of
                taking up space - or is it something more? 
                  and if you do exist, are you worth the
                   space you take up?
                     if you have been protected thusfar, dare to 
                      take off your clothes. and if you have become 
                       numb and complacent, then dare to take 
                        off your skin. either way, go below. 
                        you can be bare, unsheathed. do not be 
                         afraid. you can think; you can feel. 
                         wherever you stand, infinity gets both 
                          bigger and smaller; so try going inside 
                          instead of outside for a change.
                          this time, walk away from the light; 
                           when your eyes adjust, you will not 
                          believe what there is to see. you can 
                           think; you can feel. blur the line 
                          between what is prudent and what is 
                          dangerous, between what is healthy and 
                          what is insane, between what it seems 
                          like to you and what it really is. who is 
                         truly qualified to draw that line? who has 
                         the right to judge?

                        go underneath. question your perception, 
                       your sobriety. think. feel. when and why 
                       did you ever stop? or is it that you 
                      never began?

                    so, do you exist?
                   it is for you to know, for you to decide. better 
                  get going; it may already be too late...


            stupid wretched animal finds itself in 
           the slaughterhouse. amidst the confusion, 
          its life is taken. in the aftermath, its 
         murdered body is portioned and delivered 
        to a delicatessen, where its various meats 
       are displayed for public consumption.

      i am that dumb dead creature. no one including 
     myself is sure whether i went wantingly, by force 
     or through some sort of trickery, and no one 
    especially myself is sure whether he is 
    truly a ruthless butcher or if i simply fell 
    onto his knife...makes no difference now - i 
   am lost to the living. all that 
   remains are these songs like carcass flesh: 
   digits severed from their owning limbs, 
   muscles filleted from their rightful bones, 
   organs carved out from their embracing cavities.

   is it a coffee house or a bar? a nightclub or an arena? 
   is it radio or television? is it wholesale or retail? 
    is it art, is it voyeurism, or is it business?

    for me, it is nothing but a deli vitrine. here are my 
    cold cuts - my story, my existence, my demise, on 
     display for all to see, to ridicule, to judge. anyone 
     can buy and eat or just walk away. anyone can make 
      me, break me or ignore me.

        go ahead, you decide.
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Bare Wire - sometimes incorrectly referred to as barb wire - has been categorized as everything from alternative music to female indie, gothic music, ambient music, singer/songwriter, electronic music and even as blues. The power and sorrow in her beautiful female vocals has lead vocalist Simone Grey to be compared to the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Jewel, Diamanda Galas, Enya, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, and Kristin Hersh. One reviewer commented that this band belonged on Lilith Fair.

Eristikos which represents contemporary, sometimes controversial arts, is a record label, publishing house, and design firm. Projects include Bare Wire (barewire), Urethane, Wiremnky, Exsanguinate, Gravitas, and Vertebrae.