Eristikös represents contemporary, sometimes controversial arts. Record label, publishing house, design firm -- we unstitch sewn lips. Projects include Bare Wire, Urethane, Wiremnky, Exsanguinate, Disobedia, and Angry Genius Boy.

In case you've never visited the Eristikös site before, perhaps the following highlights will entice you to enter.

Bare Wire combines stark female vocals and morose obsessive lyrics, with bass guitar and soft percussion-less backdrops. Bare Wire's vocalist, Simone Grey, has been compared to the likes of Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries, Tori Amos, Jewel, Diamanda Galas, Sarah McLachlan, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, and Enya. Affectionately dubbed as "the soundtrack to your next suicide attempt," Bare Wire is a soft yet powerful expression of raw uninhibited sorrow.

Wiremnky dispenses a merciless brand of electronica. While showing a tenderness for melody and psychedelica, Wiremnky's biting percussion and cruel bass lines are complex, groovy and danceable. Described as Orbital meets Meat Beat Manifesto, this intelligent electronic music appeals to listeners of everything from The Orb to Nine Inch Nails to Ultramarine. Fans of Autechre, Depeche Mode, Sneaker Pimps and Madonna's Ray of Light album will also appreciate this release.

Urethane swaggers between songs with only raw acoustic guitar and songs comprised of slow grinding electronic beats and melodies. Urethane's boy-girl songwriting duo defies categorization, their music being compared to Portishead, Mazzy Starr, and even Alanis Morrissette. The single "Deprivation" received notoriety as being reminiscent of the Sinead O'Connor track "Stretched Across Your Grave."

Exsanguinate presents poetry and prose for the literary arts connoisseur with a taste for provocative thought and lingering emotion. Regularly published editorials also offer politics and philosophy with a decidedly progressive bent. A print magazine, Exsanguinate aspires to make press at least once a year. The online edition hosts highlights of back issues.

Angry Genius Boy delivers a stinging set of blows with his bold and irreverant series, "Why You Are Dumb (and Other Essays You Are Too Stupid to Understand)." Spoken word converted to print, these essays cover the gamut: politics, religion, sociology and sex. No one escapes the crosshairs of his caustic wit. A necessary pit stop for anyone who appreciates Mark Twain, Bill Hicks, or David Cross.

Disobedia cuts to the quick in this ongoing collection of pointed editorials. Meticulous and provocative, the column puts forth viewpoints about timely social, cultural, political and economic issues. Prepare to be unnerved.

Certain images and language exhibited in corners of this website may not be suitable for all audiences. Enter at your own risk.

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